Waiting to Hear Back

by Druze Bluze

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While waiting to hear back about jobs my first year after college, I wrote and recorded these nine songs mostly in my basement. Enjoy & share.

Thank you for listening and downloading!

Contact: MDF62289@gmail.com


released June 29, 2012

Max - guitars, drums, vocals, lyrics, keyboard, piano (i.e. everything)



all rights reserved


Druze Bluze Highland Park, New Jersey

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Track Name: It's Time
It's time to take action, it's time to drop the gloves
It's time to make it known that I want your love
It's time to get in trouble, it's time to start a fight
It's time to catapult myself into the light

And I'm waiting to decide, I can't see it now, but I know that someday I'll see it somehow
And the longer I wait, the clearer my choices will become, right? Right? No?
No, that's not the answer, it's a bit more complex
You're not just sifting through sand for an X
So let the clock scan a metal detector on your heart and go from there

Do you start out at 100 or 0?
Are you gonna be the goat or be the hero?
It's time to make it happen, it's time to get in the car
It's time to stop being ordinary and do something bizarre

Didn't even have time to rub the crust out of my eyes
Before we had to pile in to start the long drive
The moon is chasing us on a parallel line
In a pointless race that began a quarter to nine
Well it can surely get close but it'll never be mine

And I'm waiting to decide, I can't see it now, but I know that someday I'll see it somehow
But the shorter I take to make my decision will be rushed, right? Right? No?
No, that's not the answer, that's a little extreme
Sometimes your first thought is at smart as it seems
So send your brain to a meeting with that thing in your chest and see what they can scheme

Together, they'll work forever, conspire together to haunt you, whether they make you crazy or they make you go insane
They'll show you up, they'll do you one more, they'll drag you down and kick you out the door like a bad habit that you can't contain
Of course, the irony about this is that without the aforementioned things, all this I wouldn't be able to explain

It's always time, every second's not a new beginning
We're not doing the robot, if you start spinning you're gonna keep spinning
When you say 'it's time,' it's really insignificant
'Cause once you say 'it's time,' it's just time again

Well I'm waiting to hear back but I need some help
Like I told you before, I can't do it myself and I'm trying hard, but sometimes that's not enough, right? Right, yup
Like girls on Facebook give each other support, wish happy birthday and good luck like it was a sport
At least give me a day or a week when you might respond to me
Track Name: On the Verge
Oh, you don't see too far
I see the canopy and its periphery
Juggling there and then when you're here
But I would let it all go just to keep you near

Oh, give them to me
We lied down and kissed to him in the here
Barely coherent with all the fog that's around
It's been a starless sky and a soggy, wet ground

The fragments, they scatter, from a concise paragraph
My love was too heavy and I only want it back

I've wasted enough eyelashes to make it work

Let me be blunt, Justin's gone away
Emma will sit now forever in the fray
My arms are wide and open, a bolted door unlocked
And the grizzly bears and ravens are clawing at their flock

I'm on the precipice, I'm on the verge
Turn your camera on quickly so we can relive what just occurred

When our expressions are worth more than 1,000 words

And why the rain takes its vengeance out on this place, I don't know
There's so much of it it looks like we're on the set of a movie

Dribble it off your foot, a fastball to the thigh
I'm the athlete and you're the referee
Drippy floor melting again with your eyes straight ahead
I never wanted to dance and I don't wanna be dead

Yeah, everyone'll care when you're dead and gone
But who's asking about how you're living and how you're carrying on?

And they say that less is more, but of course that isn't true
For if it was, only one of those words would exist
And it's such a frustrating thing to have to speak the way I sing
But for now, I guess it'll have to do
Track Name: While I Sleep
I'm up in my room, it's time for bed
While all of these thoughts swirl in my head
And they can't escape, try as I might
To convert the day into the night

I dive without stress, my body's relaxed
I slowly succomb to sleep like the wax of a
Candle that burned for some time for you
I wanted to do everything we went through

Together, I thought it'd last for a while
Now I would do anything to just make you smile

Who's to say what I can and cannot think?
At the end of another lonely day
Another me is loving you while I sleep

My pillow is cold, I'm under the sheets
I'll be nice and warm as it snows while I sleep
But I won't dream of you, my decision's been made
In a matter of time, those memories will fade

Far from my brain and I can't take the pain
Of trying to jump into an oncoming train
At least that's how it feels trying to move on
Abracadabra, poof, and it's gone

Away down the stream, like the rush of a creek
I hope that someday you can find what you seek

In the end, we will all find our place
Until then, I'm content to leave a trace
Another me is loving you while I sleep

I don't want you to hear this and think I'm a creep, but...
Don't tell me the secrets you're able to keep
I turned off the radio, I'm done counting sheep

Another me is loving you while I sleep
Track Name: Chair Without Arms
It's been another long week of doing nothing and talking to no one and I'm utterly exhausted again
New York City, tell me, what do you want me to do tonight?
I think I'll end up sleeping in one of my best friends' brothers' beds

I'll meet you at the cheap beer when you come, but right now I am preoccupied with everyone running through this station
Maybe I'm paranoid, I want to open up everyone here as a tab and save them to check out later

Hooray, I've got another part-time interview today, I'm gonna make a big impression
I put my feet into my mouths and roll my tongue down my shirt, I slobber everywhere
I slobber everywhere

I plop into a chair without arms and I'm suddenly overcome by a feeling of discomfort
Cause I've got nowhere to place my dangling limbs, like that time you told me you were too busy, and you just couldn't fit it anywhere

I'm in the middle of something
I'm cooking up something good
Think I was in the middle of something
I'll get to the end if I could

I slide into a chair without arms and I swivel over to you when you least expect it
I'm playing one of the songs that I wrote just for you but you can't hear it
No, you can't hear it
Track Name: Oh Well!
I thought about it and aimed to tell you how I feel
I danced around it to make sure that it was real
Filled in my answers and handed in the test
It was time for you to process my request

We got together and had a real good time
Talked to you often, got to call you mine
Played with each other, even went on a date
Made some other fun memories, and it was great

That's when things began to take a turn for the worse
You dropped me off and put your car in reverse
Then it was over - oh well! - woe is me
That's OK, I'll find someone else, maybe
Track Name: Constantly Contemplative
Won't you give me some help and illuminate the exits?
And I can't seem to find where my life vest is stowed
How can she remain so calm with what's in store for her?
How would I react in this actual scenario?

At 33,000 feet up in the air, what am I not thinking of?
Turbulence, when I get back I'm gonna be king of the world

Well I got nothin to say, nothin to do, nothin but time to sit and think of you
And what might have happened if I had done this or you had done that or we'd ever kissed
But I'm flying over London, and how many people do I know that've lived there?
And what are they doing, and who should I call, and who do I really care for at all?
And where have you been, and what should I be, and which of the new movies out should I see?
If any at all, cause the prices are high, and the tickets are so expensive to buy
Then I plug in my headphones and put on The Shins, and my neighbor turns on Glee as I cringe
But who am I to judge what she likes? Maybe I'm missing out by not watching it

...But probably not

I thought there was lightning in the sky, but it was just taking a picture of me
Track Name: Make It Up
You've got a lot to do but not a lot of time
You're trying to walk in a straight line
But you forgot what you learned in school
Don't do what you're supposed to and break every rule

On rainy days when you've got nothing to do
You accomplish something to make yourself feel true
So you curl up on the couch with a book
You think of a million things you wanna cook

But then you realize you don't read so much
And there's nothing you really feel like making for lunch
Instead, you'll really do what you wanna do
And if that involves nothing, well, then, that's fine, too

I've made up my mind
My mind's made up me
When you're not sure
Make it up and just be