Dreams That I May Have Had

by Druze Bluze

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This is the debut album of Max Feinblatt under the guise of Druze Bluze. DB was the name of the band that I played in with Ben, and though this album is a solo departure for myself, I want to release it under the DB name because it sounds cooler than my own name and it reminds me of when I first started learning how to play the guitar. I do have to say that Ben was the one who came up with the name, however.

"Dreams That I May Have Had" is essentially a concept album that relates to the time of day when you come home from whatever you've been doing until the time you get out of bed the next morning. The timestamps at the end of each song give a general idea of when the feelings evoked in the songs might have occurred to me or might occur to you during that general time of the day/night.

More than anything else, this album is a personal thing that I wish to share because I love music and I am proud of what I've done here (despite the sometimes shoddy production value.) Everything you hear - vocals, guitars, other instruments - was done by me (with a little inspiration from the bands I listen to) and was recorded in my various dorm and apartment rooms over the past few years using just one guitar and one keyboard. I got a microphone later on which I used for a few songs.

Thank you for listening and/or downloading, and I would love to hear all comments/questions/criticisms/advice/connections you have for me at MDF62289@gmail.com. Also, check out my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/awolfatthedoor8.


released May 2, 2011



all rights reserved


Druze Bluze Highland Park, New Jersey

Like what you hear? Curious for more? Wanna get in touch? Check out my YouTube channel, 'like' the DB Facebook page and follow me on Twitter!

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Track Name: On the Way Home (8:09 PM)
The finished product
Of a construct
Tired, bothered
Mothered, fathered

Unfair, your despair
Cheated, depleted
Clutching onto
Puzzles that solve you

What kind of impact did you make on the world today?
What do you want most stuck on the subway?

Why do my thoughts always lead me to this place?
Everywhere I am is dreaming of your face

It's been a long day
Track Name: Washing Up (9:40 PM)
I just wanna go to bed
I've got so much nothing to do
And not enough time to do it
Need to decide what's really important

You can keep me up if you'd like
I'll hear your stories a few more hours
Our nonsensical sensible exchanges
Put me to sleep while keeping me up

Staying up late isn't half as fun as it used to be
I get tired in an instant
It's not new and it's not unique
So let me get by, I'm washing up

The TV show where they have
To come up with all the questions to the answers
What is Jeopardy?
Imagine if life was really like that

My toothpaste ran out
And do these retainers really hold my
Teeth in place like the doctors said?
I kind of think that it's a scam

Staying up late is twice as fun as it used to be
I do my best thinking when I can't sleep
I brush my teeth two times a day
Water, c'mon, get hot!

I want a cookie... no, I want at least 2 cookies

Staying up late is exactly like it used to be
Only now, it's different
So tuck me in and scratch my back
I need some help 'cause I can't sleep
Track Name: At Least (11:18 PM)
Somehow I think when I sit down
To play the guitar on my bed
You stop what you're doing so you can hear
Me sing a song about you
At least I wish you did

Film projectors in my eyes
Directing me to an Academic prize
Will or won't I dream tonight
About something beautiful and right?
At least I think I might

Only four lines in a verse
So pardon me if I am terse
There's too much to sort out
What should I even think about?

Every regret and every thought
Runs around me like it can't be caught
My sheets have been freshly laundered
What else will I squander?
At least I hope I don't

Late at night when I go to sleep
I think of the secrets I choose to keep
My heart has a ledge that stores them all
But it became too much, it began to fall
At least you know how I feel
And that's enough
And that's alright
At least it might be
Track Name: Mold/Dead Ends (12:31 AM)
So set in my ways
As history displays
Spent the afternoon with 24 geese
And my shadow

You need to be
Funny and sweet
And malleable should I need to fit you
To my mold

The dead ends
Down every street
A complicated drive
A likely defeat

My heartbeat so strong
Its blood so red
Gallons to give
Before I'm dead
Track Name: Dark Hair (1:57 AM)
Then I watched you walk away
Under a desert sky
The sun began to fade away
As the moon crept by

And everything I wanted to say to you
As you stared into my eyes

Was taken away with the sun
As it rose up above all the hills
And dipped into the sea
And the birth of the moon
Bid me to fall into a swoon
The likes of which I'd never seen

I just sat there, waiting for you
To come on by
You came over, asked me to dance
I said, "Let's give it a try"

And everything I wanted to say to you
As your arms wrapped around mine

Was kicked and swept away
With the dust from our shoes
As we danced to a tune in a slowed 4/4 time
But the song ended soon
And my heart burst like a balloon
A sweet, innocent crime

Well we don't know each other as well as we once did
But love is the can opener of time and distance's lid
And it's when I'm furthest away from you that I feel so much
And when I get closer it all comes rushing back to me but then it just gets swallowed up

I just stood there, waiting to hear you
Say my name
You walked by me without a glance and my
Face filled with shame

'Cause everything I wanted to say to you is
Still everything I want to say to you

There's no guarantee
When you play wait and see
So get off the bench and get into the game
Before it's too late
Before they close the gate
Before you're left with yourself
Track Name: Fell Through (3:26 AM)
Don't build
Don't grow
Don't take your seeds out and sow

The time is never right
Wanna feel the way I did those nights

My heart is gonna sleep
a little less soundly tonight
Have I kissed you for the last time?

When you're there
and I am here
Thought I'd be enough to quell that fear

And it's hard to admit that I'm wrong
When it feels like with you I belong

My heart is gonna sleep
a little less soundly tonight
Have I held you for the last time?

I hope I haven't kissed you for the very last time

Better to love than not to try
Or better to ignore and let love die?

My plans fell through
I wanted to be with you
Track Name: You. Me. (4:43 AM)
You. Me.
Track Name: Golf Course/Under You (5:54 AM)
I slept with you on my right side last night
You didn't mind being next to the wall
I slid the blanket over you as we drifted to sleep
You didn't seem to care at all

And you shone like a light when you had an idea
I listened to your every thought
And I'll switch you over from the left to the right ear
Whenever my tongue is caught

I'm so far under you

Blue and yellow mixed together make green
Like the color of your eyes at night
Blue in the morning, changes without a warning
The colors of the spectrum excite

Sweet looks can melt my heart like it's butter
My chest as a sturdy stove
Your eyes are an oven, baking and forming
The shape of my soul enclosed

Your fingers mow my beard of a week
I don't wanna shave it off
I wanna love you in the present
And massage your past
Magic Bullet, we're in a blender
Singing songs in my mouth
It's even to the point now that
If & when you leave me, you'll still be here
Track Name: Reflections (6:15 AM)
I'm waiting
I've gone to the waves
And pick me up when you can
My breath is baited

And say what you will, yeah
And say what you wanna say
I'm lickety split and I get tossed around
I always let you wear the crown
So say what you will, yeah

A train crashed today
Near the left side of my chest
As I came to the realization
That I hadn't realized yet

And say what you will, yeah
And say what you think is right
Well I want the one that I never had
Just like the one I never knew
So say what you will, yeah

And I'm thinking things inside of me
I think they're in my head
And I believe that you're there in there too
So could you please get in my bed?

I'm in a field of tulips and
Most have begun to sprout
But when you point that hose at me
Nothing comes out

You water me
With a spigot of silence
Track Name: Another Dream of You (7:03 AM)
I came back and left the gas tank empty again
Can't say that I'm surprised
It's been a long time since you've seen my face
And made contact with my eyes
Pictures don't count, no, videos don't count
It's just a web of lies
I wanna see you, I wanna feel you
And eat you alive

On a subway station and in a movie theater
You decided to bring me close
In a pink polka dot dress just like a hooded sweatshirt
I knew what I wanted most
Was what I had, but what I had
Was just the best romantic novel of the year
Why'd you put that there? Why'd you make me care?
Did it have to reappear?

I woke up from another dream of you again
And I had to wipe my eyes
For I'd been fooled by the architect
With the feelings that underlie
Dreams in reality and dreams under covers
Can bewilder or light a fuse
But real life without dreams and beds without sleep
Mean there are no clocks to snooze
Track Name: Take Care (8:22 AM)
Time will take care of everything
What I want to remember and to forget
The biggest smile, the saddest frown
With you here, without you around

20 years and more I've grown
Recycled thoughts while less is known
Jump inside what you believe
Try what your mind can conceive

I don't know how anybody else does it
I just know how I do
Thought I smelled you walking through the doorway
Turned out it wasn't true

Shoots and Ladders, twists and turns
Regardless of all concerns
Roll the dice, play your piece
See how your stock can increase

Hashem is great but even He
Needs some help from you and me
Time will heal what we cannot
Intangible, unknown plot

When I tried on love for the first time, I thought it was a perfect fit
But I was highly inaccurate
And on sleepless nights when I shouldn't think of you
I'll do so anyway to remind myself of what can be true

Time will take care of everything
The unexpected, the obvious
As it stands now, I'm missing out
But soon my time will come about
I don't know when, I don't know how
Guess I'll see